Program at a Glance

Health And Healthcare In The Age of Innovation

 Conference Co-Chairs:

Isaac Kohane (USA) & Ran Balicer ( IL)

Conference Main Topics:

Data-driven care – realizing the promise

Christian Lovis (Switzerland) & Kira Radinsky (IL)

It this era of Artificial Intelligence, how shall we harness the potential of advanced analytics and healthcare big data, to improve care effectiveness and support innovation?

Uber’ization of healthcare – dream or nightmare?

Daniel Kraft (USA) & Rafael Beyar (IL)

Tele-care is becoming a mainstay of healthcare practice. As such, new models of care provision become available and popular, including just-in-time meeting with a health practitioner anywhere and anytime, as well as semi-automatic care models driven by algorithms. Will these new care paradigms provide inferior care to the masses or allow for improved, personalized and timely new paradigm of care.

Innovation in health economics, and the economics of healthcare innovation

Dan Ariely (USA) & Dan Greenberg (IL)

How does the age of innovation impact health economics? Can we utilize advanced analytic methodologies to change the way health economics is practiced, and do we have the proper economics tools to assess the potential and actual impact of innovative tools and practices?

New challenges and threats in the age of innovation

Harold F. Wolf III (USA) & Avi Israeli (IL)

New ethical challenges emerge in this era of use of AI in healthcare – how shall we make the algorithms transparent and fare? How shall we tackle the challenges of equity as costly innovative tools become available first only for the affluent tech-literate few? How do we balance privacy with the societal beneficial impact of health data utilization? How shall we tackle cyber and hacking risks?