The 7th International Jerusalem Conference on Health Policy

SEPTEMBER 15-16, 2019

International Convention Center, Jerusalem

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the 7th Jerusalem International Conference on Health Policy!

We live in exciting times, in which technological acceleration drive profound changes in all walks of life. Health and Healthcare have not been seriously disrupted by these changes to date, but it is suggested that this steady state is very likely to change, soon. This promise, or threat, depends on one’s point of view, is most relevant to discuss in Israel in light of its designation as one of the world’s health-tech key innovation hubs. The conference theme – “Health and Healthcare in the Age of Innovation” – provides a platform for exchanging ideas and innovative approaches, and for exploring the dynamic evolution of health policy and healthcare practices worldwide, acknowledging the complexities and uncertainties in this field in this exciting era.

This year we are focusing on four broad sub-themes:


Christian Lovis (Switzerland) & Kira Radinsky (IL)

It this era of Artificial Intelligence, how shall we harness the potential of advanced analytics and healthcare big data, to improve care effectiveness and support innovation?



Daniel Kraft (US) & Rafael Beyar (IL)

Tele-care is becoming a mainstay of healthcare practice. As such, new models of care provision become available and popular, including just-in-time meeting with a health practitioner anywhere and anytime, as well as semi-automatic care models driven by algorithms. Will these new care paradigms provide inferior care to the masses or allow for improved, personalized and timely new paradigm of care.



Peter Neumann (US) & Dan Greenberg (IL)

How does the age of innovation impact health economics? Can we utilize advanced analytic methodologies to change the way health economics is practiced, and do we have the proper economics tools to assess the potential and actual impact of innovative tools and practices?



Harold Wolf (US) & Avi Israeli (IL)

New ethical challenges emerge in this era of use of AI in healthcare – how shall we make the algorithms transparent and fare? How shall we tackle the challenges of equity as costly innovative tools become available first only for the affluent tech-literate few? How do we balance privacy with the societal beneficial impact of health data utilization? How shall we tackle cyber and hacking risks?

Global leaders in this domain will be addressing the conference in plenary and parallel sessions. The sessions will include presentations, workshops, panels and round tables, designed to provide fertile grounds for the emergence of new insights, ideas and understandings.

Hoping to see you in September, and wishing us all a successful and inspiring conference, and a lovely time in Jerusalem.

Prof. Ran Balicer (Israel) and Prof. Isaac Kohane (US)

Meet Our Invited Speakers & Chairpersons

Prof. Isaac Kohane

Conference Chairman

Prof. Ran Balicer

Conference Chairman

Prof. Christian Lovis

Co-Chair Track A

Prof. Kira Radinsky

Co-Chair Track A

Prof. Daniel Kraft

Co-Chair Track B

Prof. Rafael Beyar

Co-Chair Track B

Dr. Lisa Simpson

Prof. Peter J. Neumann

Co-Chair Track C

Prof. Dan Greenberg

Co-Chair Track C

Dr. Divya Chander

Mr. Harold F. Wolf III

Co-Chair Track D

Prof. Avi Israeli

Co-Chair Track D

Prof. Marc J. Abramowicz

Prof. Amir Shmueli

Mr. Charles N. Kahn III

Prof. Martin McKee

Ms. Maxine Mackintosh

Dr. Ashish k. Jha

Dr. Marta Gaia Zanchi

Dr. David B. Nash

Dr. Harpreet Sood

Dr. Fabrice Brunet

Prof. John D. Halamka

Prof. Stephen Schoenbaum

Dr. Vivian Tseng

Prof. Orly Manor

Mr. Moshe Bar Siman Tov

Prof. Dina Ben-Yehuda

Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yosef

Prof. Varda Shalev

Mr. Nissim Alon

Prof. Itamar Grotto

Dr. Eyal Zimlichman

Prof. Haim Bitterman

Dr. Osnat Levtzion-Korach

Prof. Noam Shomron

Dr. Ahuva Weiss-Meilik

Prof. Gabi Bin Nun

Prof. Nachman Ash

Prof. Uri Shalit

Mr. Nir Kaidar

Key Dates and Deadlines

Early Bird registration opens January 15,  2018
Deadline for submission of abstracts April 2, 2019
Early Bird registration ends August 8, 2019
Deadline for presenter’s registration June 17, 2019
Conference September 15-16, 2019